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suul gwan

Jeonju Traditional Liquor Museum
Every house makes alcohol and holds ancestral rites.

visited home To the guest

Treated with sincerity

Continuing the legacy of traditional Gayangju

2002 to recreate it in modern times

Opened in Jeonju Hanok Village.


So much so that the singer is called ‘pungryu’
Sincere and noble

Joseon’s Gayangju culture

According to the Japanese Liquor Tax Act (1909)

My pulse was cut off.

At the Jeonju Traditional Liquor Museum
In search of the vein of Gayangju that has been cut off for 100 years

We want to continue,

Traditional Gayangju lecture, Gayangju-related research project,

Through various experience programs

Reproducing Gayangju,

We are distributing it to citizens.


Gye Young-won

“Beware of your cup overflowing.”
‘Gye Young-bae’, who became famous through the television historical drama ‘Sangdo’

This is a space you can actually see.


'Gye Young-bae'Is
If the glass is full, it will leak alcohol.

Filled up. In other words, it means to guard against greed.

Gye Young-bae, which is implied, 

By demonstrating the aesthetics of moderation

We can get a glimpse into the worldview of our ancestors.



“Yanghwadang, a harmonious brewery”
If you carefully learn the process of making alcohol,

I am once again amazed by his sincerity and wisdom.

With careful consideration and abundant heart,

Looking at the alcohol production process, nature, people,

The meaning of alcohol created by the harmony between people

​You will learn it naturally.


Koreans have been using food and beverages for thousands of years.

Traditional gayangju made with ingredients that have been eaten before.

The process of making alcohol and the tools used to make it

‘Yanghwadang’ on display is

“It is a place where we brew alcohol in harmony.”

It was used by our people to make alcohol in the past.

Tools and artifacts are on display,

Learn about the process of making traditional home brew and how to process ingredients.

It is presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

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