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Introduction to the Liquor Museum

Dear and respected citizens of Jeonju, and lovers of traditional liquor!

welcome. As the director of the Jeonju Traditional Liquor Museum, I am delighted to welcome you all.

Jeonju is a place deeply embedded in our country’s history and traditions.

In particular, traditional liquor is one of the most shining treasures.

Our Traditional Liquor Museum strives to preserve and promote Jeonju’s colorful traditional liquor culture.

Here, various traditional liquor manufacturing processes handed down by our ancestors, history, and culture are on display.

We strive to convey not only the taste of traditional alcohol, but also the spirit and beautiful story of our people contained within it.

The museum is not only a space where you can experience and understand various traditional liquors,

It is also an educational venue where you can learn the process of making traditional liquor.

Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of our culture and rediscover its value through traditional alcohol.

Jeonju Traditional Liquor Museum awaits your participation and interest. Together we preserve our traditions,

Please join us on our journey to create new history. thank you

​Uploaded by the director of Jeonju Traditional Liquor Museum.

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